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Branches that we work with

Earth-moving machinery

Bushings made by Fcboccole are manufactured in different series. Available in a wide range of standard sizes, FC bushings are readily modified to meet individual needs or specifications.

Platforms - Oil Wells

Our bushing are widely used in casting machinery, plastic injection molding machinery, automotive industry nuts, irrigation industry, bridge engineering, machinery for the mineral industry, shipbuilding, turbogenerators, manual machines, as well as in oil rigs on sea, etc. etc.


Our bushings are made of a low carbon steel reinforcement which gives mechanical resistance. Internally a porous bronze layer sintered on the wall ensures a good adhesion of the PTFE layer to the steel. These bushings can have a protection treatment on the external copper or tin surface which protects the bearing against oxidation and corrosion. This product is ideal for a versatile design.

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